"I was diagnosed at age 20..." —Kevin B.

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors.

I was diagnosed with lichen planus at the age of 20. I have gone through a journey of many many doctors with no avail! When I came to see Dr. Dahlia, it had covered my arms, my back and my private areas. It was very uncomfortable (the itching and the scabs)...the whole process. From the time that these eruptions started, they were irritating and disrupted my everyday life.

I just could not believe that there could not be a treatment for this condition. I found Dr. Dahlia on the Internet and decided to go see her. The eruptions stopped from the first month of seeing her. The itching completely went away in the same month. 5 months later, I am almost clear from the eruptions; the ones that I had are almost non-existent. She told me from the beginning that I would notice a general sense of well-being together with the improvement of the lesions, and that is exactly what happened. All my life I have been so hyperactive that concentration was a very difficult thing for me. I was always on the move. I do not remember having watched a movie from beginning to end.

I have been much calmer and at peace. My concentration has been amazing, which makes my productivity so much better. All and all it has been a life changing experience!

Kevin B.