"I was hit by IBS in college..." —Kate H.

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors.

Dear Dahlia,

I was hit by IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) ever since I was in college. That was 20 years ago. At first it did not look serious and I thought by changing some food habits I could just live normally. As years went by with the amount of stress in my life this condition got worse and worse and it got to a point that dieting would not help. 

When I came to see you, I was desperate. I had tried the conventional approach for almost 20 years and I was not doing well at all. My therapist recommended that I should come to see you. I agreed to go through the expense, even though it was very hard for me. She assured me that you could help, and that she had known of other people who had tried Homeopathy and were happy with the results.

I did not know anything about Homeopathy, so it was hard to trust. I decided to accept my therapist’s suggestion just because I had been her patient for the last 12 years. I came to you with a lot of disbelief!

I cannot tell you enough of my experience with you. The first session was amazing and very different from anything that I had experienced before. You patiently explained the procedure and explained that we need to treat the root cause of my disease. And also that only by knowing me you would be able to give the correct remedy or the “Similimum." I think my life changed ever since that first session. 

However the real effect started happening within the first 4 weeks. I started having less and less bouts of my condition. I started feeling stronger and happier within 10 days of taking the remedy. It was pretty interesting, because I only took two tiny pellets. I first thought it was a joke. How could two little pellets do so much for me! 

I was so surprised that I tried to attribute the change to any other thing that I could imagine, but there was no change in my life, besides the remedy! I came to see you a month after my first visit and you did your evaluation work.

This time I knew it was the remedy, because within 48 hours I started feeling even better. The bouts of diarrhea and constipation decreased that month drastically and I continued to feel stronger. Things that could overwhelm me around the house and with my children affected me less. My tolerance was building up beautifully and I felt a freedom from within. 

I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made in our lives. I also should be thanking you for the health of my son and daughter and my husband. We are all very healthy and we owe it to your work. Homeopathy is like a treasure box. We are so lucky to have found it!

Kate H.