"My sleeping pills gave me nightmares..." —Ann M.

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors. 


I came to see you 5 years ago when I started going through menopause. I had such strong hot flashes, sleeplessness and anxiety. I had used prescription drugs for my symptoms, but I had side effects from them and I still had many problems. For instance the sleeping pills gave me nightmares and I really hated that! 

Hormones were not a good solution for me either, because of the history of cancer in my family, besides I did not feel comfortable with taking synthetic hormones. I came to you on the recommendation of my chiropractor.

I was amazed at the fact that my hot flashes, which were about 20 times a day, went away in a few days. Also very soon after I noticed that my headaches were disappearing. I had also started sleeping better, the quality of my sleep also changed, in the sense that it became much deeper and more peaceful. My horrible dreams started disappearing, too. I could never have achieved such results without Homeopathy.

Ann M.