"At a dead end filled with physical pain..." —Tracey

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors.

I am a new patient of Dahlia's and brand new to homeopathy. This surprises even me, as I have received the benefit of being exposed to alternative healing methodologies early in life through my ever-so-forward thinking mother.  We all have received scars in life that touch us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In my path to wellness, I explored counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, and traditional Western medicine. But I was only getting better incrementally and never felt truly healed.  I spent six years searching for wellness, balance, freedom from fear and hoping for inner peace. While the methods I mentioned provided some relief, it wasn't touching my core. A dear friend of mine suggested (over at least a three year period) that I pursue homeopathic treatment. I didn't think a remedy could provide the depth of healing that I so desperately sought.

At a dead end filled with physical pain, emotional pain covered up by anti-depressants, nights spent without sleeping and bone-deep fatigue, I just gave up. My friend nudged me again and so I called Dahlia.  What I want you, dear reader, to understand, is that I have walked too many miles unnecessarily without relief. I don't want you to experience another day of your symptoms, as I did, running in the wrong direction. What I found with Dahlia's approach is truly healing in its highest level. I have reached places in my life that I didn't ever dream of aspiring to, in happiness, peace, restored physical health and freedom from fear.  My prayer is that you, too, will allow this healing to enter your life.  Let it begin. Your place of healing is waiting for you. Dahlia is a healer blessed with the knowledge to give you the tools so you can heal yourself. Selah.

Love & blessings,