"My son had eczema all over his body..." —Dora J.

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors.

I brought my son to Dahlia at the age of two.  He had a lot of trouble with eczema. His eczema started when he was four months old. We had tried everything, from having him on a very strict diet to lots of different vitamins and supplements and different doctors, but nothing seemed to work.

I came to Dahlia with the recommendation of a neighbor who had brought her kids for respiratory and behavioral issues. She had given me the information a while back, however, I did not know anything about Homeopathy. Also all these powerful drugs had not helped him. The eczema was spreading to his whole body. I did not trust that Homeopathy could do anything.  

Finally out of desperation, I came to her.  It was pretty amazing from the beginning. She has a way with children. My son Allen felt completely comfortable and started talking to her very easily. It was a long session, but painless. She just talked with us — no poking and no pain. My son loved that! Anyhow, she sent us these little pellets that I gave him in a state of disbelief!  

The first thing my husband and I noticed was that he was not itching as much and his sleep became better. In fact within one week of him taking the remedy, he could sleep til the morning and itching had reduced by about 50%. I could not believe it! When we went to see her about four weeks later, my son’s eczema had improved about 50%. Itching had improved almost about 75%. And his sleep had become better. Also his skin seemed less dry! However there was a bonus. He had been so much happier. He used to wake up in the morning in an unhappy mood, and he always started the day crying. No more — that was history.  

We were really surprised, we continued with her for another 6 months, and the eczema completely cleared out. At this point, my son is living a very comfortable life with no food restrictions and absolutely no medications!  On the recommendation of Dr. Dahlia we see her once every four months and she has managed to keep my son in the best health possible.

We could not be happier with the results.  I strongly recommend Dr. Dahlia to parents who are concerned about the optimum health for their children and do not like the side effects of [pharmaceutical] drugs which do not heal — but mask — the disease.

Dora J.