"Traditional doctors could not help me..." —Kathy B.

The following is a verbatim testimonial from an actual client. It has only been edited for typographical and grammatical errors.

I enjoyed 50 years of excellent health and had no signs of any type of allergies or tendency to have sinus or respiratory problems.

At age 51, I developed severe sinusitis, a debilitating cough and asthma. I was told it was caused by allergies and I tested positive for allergies with traditional allergy testing.

I coughed throughout the night every night for three months and it was so severe that it fractured several ribs. This happened twice. Prescription cough medicines did not help. I developed asthma and had many attacks.

An allergist prescribed Prednisone and then Advair (steroids) and I had trouble sleeping. I was taking Advair for one year before I discovered homeopathy. Instead of spending up to one year getting allergy shots, homeopathy helped me!
With Dahlia's help, I no longer need any medication. My breathing is normal, my sinusitis is gone and I have no allergy signs.

The traditional doctors could not help me, but homeopathy has given me my quality of life back. My energy is great and I feel better now than I had in many years.

I am so grateful for this wonderful, natural cure!

Kathy B.