Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergy Relief

Hay fever and seasonal allergies show an imbalance in the immune system.

Conventional medicine usually treats the superficial symptoms and produces side effects. Naturopathic medicine offers some relief but limited. High doses of vitamin C, bee pollen, daily use of Vitamin B6, flax seed oil ...

Allergic conditions respond quite well to Homeopathic treatment. And fortunately they have no side effects. Many patients experience a better sense of well-being and vitality as the allergies are alleviated. In essence, Homeopathy treats the faulty immune system, and by raising the immune response, allergies and many other physical and emotional symptoms may be alleviated. Chronic allergies may have been passed from a generation to the next; still Homeopathy is quite capable of treating hereditary tendencies.

Although treatment of severe allergies is best left to a seasoned homeopath, the following are some examples of the symptom picture treated with certain Homeopathic remedies. These remedies are readily available in most health food stores. The key is being able to match the main symptoms of the hay fever to a correct Homeopathic remedy. There are a few examples of these remedies below, although we have a pharmacopeias of about 500 remedies, which effectively treat chronic hay fever.

Allium Cepa

Treat "my nose is dripping like a faucet!" Symptoms: profuse watery discharge, acrid nasal discharge which may even burn around the nose and upper lip area.  Violent sneezing. Nose usually completely obstructed because of internal swelling. Lacrimation and burning of the eyes. Headache, which is better when the nose discharges freely. Great sensitivity to flowers, peaches and pollen. Better by open air without pollen, and cold air.

Arsenicum Album

Symptoms: burning pains in the nose, eyes and throat. Usually right sided. Better with hot drinks, heat and warm rooms. Worse when inhaling cold air or becoming cold. Sneezing from a tickle in one spot, as from a feather. Hay fever can accompany sores inside the nostrils.

Nux Vomica

Used to treat symptoms: terrible sneezing and coryza in the morning on rising. Fluent discharge in the morning and day time and horrible dry, raw obstruction at night and in bed, usually worse by cold air, air-conditioning, and having cold drinks. Better by warmth, wrapping up and cold drinks. Patient is usually irritable and edgy (possibly overworked and tired).


Used to treat acute and chronic hay fever, usually in spring, heat of summer and autumn. Fluent bland watery discharge from the nose and eyes, which may lead to infection. Awful itching and lacrimation of the eyes. Symptoms feel better with cold application, being outdoors (without pollen), and in air-conditioning. Worsened by warm rooms, pollen and ragweed. Cough and hay asthma and wheezing worse when lying down. The patient usually is needy and craves extra attention. Babies and children want to be with the mother and held all the time.

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