Bolster Your Immune System

Did you know…by following a few simple everyday steps, you can have a stronger body, fight disease better and boost your immune system?

Here's how:


Avoid greasy, high-processed "fast' foods, and minimize your alcohol intake. A sluggish liver will cause fatigue and your food will not digest properly – which means you'll lack the proper nutrition to fight those nasty viruses out there.


Make sure that you have at least seven glasses of pure water daily, so that your liver and kidneys can function at peak performance. Remember, toxins can make your body, especially your immune system, very weak.


Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. If you have a late night, make sure you compensate with a good night sleep the next time you hit the pillow. Sleep is when your body repairs itself and recovers, making you psychologically and physically stronger.

AVOID CHEMICAL DRUGS... much as possible. They mask symptoms and cause many side effects that can lower your immune response.


A low impact exercise routine will make you feel better, both physically and emotionally. Doing something for yourself creates content and satisfaction in your life, which will release peptide hormones in your brain, such as endorphins. Keep in mind that a happy person can endure more physical and emotional pressure.

Stay tuned for more of my tips on being healthy and vibrant!