Get Ready for Flu Season!

I promised many of you that I would prepare a few tips for the incoming cold and flu season. 

Here is what you should have handy at home. These can be used concurrently with your Homeopathic remedies. The only Homeopathic amongst them is oscillococcinum, however if it is normally used 72 hours after taking your constitutional remedy, your constitutional remedy will not be affected.

Also have the following handy will reduce the duration of and your susceptibility to colds and the flu. Considering the fact that the flu shot is not 100% effective, through homeopathy you will enjoy better health and better defense against viruses. You can also use these remedies for your entire family and children over five years old! 


Flu symptoms normally come with body aches, sometimes with fever and sometimes without. However, there is always a feeling of general malaise.


You will see this remedy on every check out register: oscillococcinum. This remedy is made from the liver of an infected duck and it is really effective when taken on the onset of flu. However, the instructions are important. Taking it once is probably not as effective. After years of experience with this wonderful remedy, I have come up with the best usage: take oscillococcinum (1/3 of a capful) 4x, once every two hours on the onset. This will cut the duration and the intensity by about 50%!

You should also have all these other natural solutions handy and use them concurrently.

Colloidal silver spray: Spray into your mouth 4-5x a day, especially if your cold starts from your throat or the first thing you notice is a sore throat.

Grape seed extract: It kills bacteria and viruses on exposure and it's also great for killing fungus and yeast. You can use this 4-5x a day.

Vitamin C, 500 mg. 3x a day, best buffered, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Wellness resistance formula. This solution contains herbs such as echinacea and goldenseal. You can use a full dropper up to 4x a day.

Drink lots of green tea or a mixture of green tea, organic ginger root and freshly squeezed can use honey to sweeten.

Elderberry is great too. You can also find elderberry and sambucus syrup for coughs.

Always remember to gargle with salt water and Scope mouth wash when exposed to the virus or when you feel like you are under the weather. Keep your mucus membranes wet by using saline water in your nose. Remember when your mucus membranes are wet, viruses cannot latch on! 

These remedies can be your first defense for cold and flus. Remember to use them on the onset and keep your body rested and hydrated. With stress, lack of sleep, and lack of proper nutrition, your body is in a compromised state and more susceptible to catching colds! 

In case the cold or flu is advanced and a physician recommends antibiotics, please do not forget your probiotics, as the chance of catching a yeast infection is high. Any over-the-counter probiotics is fine. 

I wish every one a healthy and prosperous new year!