Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergy Relief

Hay fever and seasonal allergies show an imbalance in the immune system.

Conventional medicine usually treats the superficial symptoms and produces side effects. Naturopathic medicine offers some relief but limited. High doses of vitamin C, bee pollen, daily use of Vitamin B6, flax seed oil ...

Allergic conditions respond quite well to Homeopathic treatment. And fortunately they have no side effects. Many patients experience a better sense of well-being and vitality as the allergies are alleviated. In essence, Homeopathy treats the faulty immune system, and by raising the immune response, allergies and many other physical and emotional symptoms may be alleviated. Chronic allergies may have been passed from a generation to the next; still Homeopathy is quite capable of treating hereditary tendencies.

Although treatment of severe allergies is best left to a seasoned homeopath, the following are some examples of the symptom picture treated with certain Homeopathic remedies. These remedies are readily available in most health food stores. The key is being able to match the main symptoms of the hay fever to a correct Homeopathic remedy. There are a few examples of these remedies below, although we have a pharmacopeias of about 500 remedies, which effectively treat chronic hay fever.

Allium Cepa

Treat "my nose is dripping like a faucet!" Symptoms: profuse watery discharge, acrid nasal discharge which may even burn around the nose and upper lip area.  Violent sneezing. Nose usually completely obstructed because of internal swelling. Lacrimation and burning of the eyes. Headache, which is better when the nose discharges freely. Great sensitivity to flowers, peaches and pollen. Better by open air without pollen, and cold air.

Arsenicum Album

Symptoms: burning pains in the nose, eyes and throat. Usually right sided. Better with hot drinks, heat and warm rooms. Worse when inhaling cold air or becoming cold. Sneezing from a tickle in one spot, as from a feather. Hay fever can accompany sores inside the nostrils.

Nux Vomica

Used to treat symptoms: terrible sneezing and coryza in the morning on rising. Fluent discharge in the morning and day time and horrible dry, raw obstruction at night and in bed, usually worse by cold air, air-conditioning, and having cold drinks. Better by warmth, wrapping up and cold drinks. Patient is usually irritable and edgy (possibly overworked and tired).


Used to treat acute and chronic hay fever, usually in spring, heat of summer and autumn. Fluent bland watery discharge from the nose and eyes, which may lead to infection. Awful itching and lacrimation of the eyes. Symptoms feel better with cold application, being outdoors (without pollen), and in air-conditioning. Worsened by warm rooms, pollen and ragweed. Cough and hay asthma and wheezing worse when lying down. The patient usually is needy and craves extra attention. Babies and children want to be with the mother and held all the time.

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The Many Wonders of Arnica Montana

Arnica is an amazing remedy ... at home or away.

Take Arnica Montana with you if you are traveling. I recommend always packing Arnica!

30c, 200c, and 1m when away from home. Any time there is a fall or an injury with extravagation of blood, when there is blunt trauma to the eye, general accidents and falls, you'd be smart to seek the healing benefits of Arnica Montana. The potency should be decided according to the severity of the trauma. 

I was out of the country two years ago and I fell on a staircase. I rolled down about 12 steps! I was fortunate enough not to break any bones, but I was extremely sore all over. Arnica 1m saved the trip! I was down for only one day with body aches, and the following day I was able to follow the tour and do my normal activities ... Pretty amazing!

Arnica is also good for those old, yet lingering injuries, such as backaches and whiplash from auto accidents. Even those painful 'boo-boos' from many years ago will respond well to Arnica. 

I once treated a man who came to install hardwood floors in my house, as he was instructing his crew. He told me that he was not able to bend down himself to lay floors ever since he had a car accident 2 years earlier, nor was he able to bend down or pick up his baby boy. He had tried every modality under the sun, to no avail. 

I gave him a few doses of Arnica 30c. Two months later, I received a call from him, telling me that his back was completely healed. He was able to bend down and lay hardwood ... and the icing on the cake was that he could pick up his son and play with him!

Most injuries, which go through long periods of rehabilitation without relief benefit from Arnica in 1m potency.

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Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Series, Part II)

Fact: Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone.

Fact: Hypothyroidism, or under-active thyroid, is more common in women and people over age 50. 

Fact: The most common cause of hypothyroidism is thyroiditis, swelling and inflammation damage of the thyroid gland's cells.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism usually include:

  • Hard stools or constipation
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Fatigue or feeling slowed down
  • Heavier menstrual periods
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Paleness or dry skin
  • Sadness or depression
  • Thin, brittle hair or fingernails
  • Weakness
  • Weight gain without trying

Late symptoms, if left untreated:

  • Decreased taste and smell
  • Hoarseness
  • Puffy face, hands, and feet
  • Slow speech
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Thinning of eyebrows

Although this condition is very treatable with Homeopathy or thyroid hormone supplementation, there are simple steps that one can take to aid the process, such as taking Kelp (2000 to 3000 mg per day).

Helpful foods include: molasses, parsley, apricots, dates, prunes, fish and chicken.

All fluoride should be avoided because of its effect in blocking iodine receptors. This means avoiding fluoride toothpastes, rinses, and city water in most cases.

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Hyperthyroidism (Thyroid Series, Part I)

The Thyroid... a small gland ... with big impact on your health!

Lately I have seen quite a few patients with hyper- or hypothyroidism, therefore some awareness about thyroid health might be justified. Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated at the base of your neck, just below your Adam's apple. Although it weighs less than an ounce, the thyroid gland has an enormous impact on your health. Every aspect of your metabolism is regulated by thyroid hormones.

Your thyroid gland produces two main hormones, thyroxin (T-4) and triodothyronine (T-3), that influence every cell in your body. They maintain the rate at which your body uses fats and carbohydrates, help control your body temperature, influence your heart rate, and help regulate the production of protein. Your thyroid also produces calcitonin, a hormone that helps regulate the amount of calcium in your blood.

The rate at which T-4 and T-3 are released is controlled by your pituitary gland and your hypothalamus - an area at the base of your brain that acts as a thermostat for your whole system.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism usually include:

  • Sudden weight loss, even when your appetite and the amount and type of food you eat remain the same or even increase
  • Rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), commonly more than 100 beats a minute; irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia);or pounding of your heart (palpitations)
  • Increased appetite
  • Nervousness, anxiety and irritability
  • Tremors - usually a fine trembling in your hands and fingers
  • Sweating
  • Changes in menstrual patterns
  • Increased sensitivity to heat
  • Changes in bowel patterns, especially more frequent bowel movements
  • An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), which may appear as a swelling at the base of your neck
  • Fatigue, muscle weakness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Skin thinning

Although Homeopathic or medical treatment should be on the forefront for alleviating these symptoms, patients should avoid all stimulants, such as: coffee, tea, chocolate, colas, power drinks, nicotine.

Certain foods are said to help decrease the thyroid output including: cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, Brussel's sprouts, greens (kale and spinach), turnips, pears and peaches.

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Bolster Your Immune System

Did you know…by following a few simple everyday steps, you can have a stronger body, fight disease better and boost your immune system?

Here's how:


Avoid greasy, high-processed "fast' foods, and minimize your alcohol intake. A sluggish liver will cause fatigue and your food will not digest properly – which means you'll lack the proper nutrition to fight those nasty viruses out there.


Make sure that you have at least seven glasses of pure water daily, so that your liver and kidneys can function at peak performance. Remember, toxins can make your body, especially your immune system, very weak.


Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. If you have a late night, make sure you compensate with a good night sleep the next time you hit the pillow. Sleep is when your body repairs itself and recovers, making you psychologically and physically stronger.


...as much as possible. They mask symptoms and cause many side effects that can lower your immune response.


A low impact exercise routine will make you feel better, both physically and emotionally. Doing something for yourself creates content and satisfaction in your life, which will release peptide hormones in your brain, such as endorphins. Keep in mind that a happy person can endure more physical and emotional pressure.

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Get Ready for Flu Season!

I promised many of you that I would prepare a few tips for the incoming cold and flu season. 

Here is what you should have handy at home. These can be used concurrently with your Homeopathic remedies. The only Homeopathic amongst them is oscillococcinum, however if it is normally used 72 hours after taking your constitutional remedy, your constitutional remedy will not be affected.

Also have the following handy will reduce the duration of and your susceptibility to colds and the flu. Considering the fact that the flu shot is not 100% effective, through homeopathy you will enjoy better health and better defense against viruses. You can also use these remedies for your entire family and children over five years old! 


Flu symptoms normally come with body aches, sometimes with fever and sometimes without. However, there is always a feeling of general malaise.


You will see this remedy on every check out register: oscillococcinum. This remedy is made from the liver of an infected duck and it is really effective when taken on the onset of flu. However, the instructions are important. Taking it once is probably not as effective. After years of experience with this wonderful remedy, I have come up with the best usage: take oscillococcinum (1/3 of a capful) 4x, once every two hours on the onset. This will cut the duration and the intensity by about 50%!

You should also have all these other natural solutions handy and use them concurrently.

Colloidal silver spray: Spray into your mouth 4-5x a day, especially if your cold starts from your throat or the first thing you notice is a sore throat.

Grape seed extract: It kills bacteria and viruses on exposure and it's also great for killing fungus and yeast. You can use this 4-5x a day.

Vitamin C, 500 mg. 3x a day, best buffered, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Wellness resistance formula. This solution contains herbs such as echinacea and goldenseal. You can use a full dropper up to 4x a day.

Drink lots of green tea or a mixture of green tea, organic ginger root and freshly squeezed lemon...you can use honey to sweeten.

Elderberry is great too. You can also find elderberry and sambucus syrup for coughs.

Always remember to gargle with salt water and Scope mouth wash when exposed to the virus or when you feel like you are under the weather. Keep your mucus membranes wet by using saline water in your nose. Remember when your mucus membranes are wet, viruses cannot latch on! 

These remedies can be your first defense for cold and flus. Remember to use them on the onset and keep your body rested and hydrated. With stress, lack of sleep, and lack of proper nutrition, your body is in a compromised state and more susceptible to catching colds! 

In case the cold or flu is advanced and a physician recommends antibiotics, please do not forget your probiotics, as the chance of catching a yeast infection is high. Any over-the-counter probiotics is fine. 

I wish every one a healthy and prosperous new year!

A Healthier Liver

Liver Weakness and Dysfunction

The liver is perhaps the hardest working organ and the 2nd biggest organ in the body. It has hundreds of tasks to perform, including detoxification of the blood, the breakdown of insulin and other hormones including providing proper enzymes for digestion and production of bile.

Alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, antibiotics, fatty foods, pesticides, chemicals and food preservatives all highly tax the liver.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Nausea and indigestion. Yellowness of the sclera. Bitter taste in the mouth. Flatus, eructation, indigestion, reflux, nausea, bloating and distension. Constipation, diarrhea or alternating states between constipation and diarrhea. Right sided pains and soreness of the body. Itching, jaundice, eruptions of all sorts, especially moist eruptions, acne and pimples. Low energy or sudden drops of energy, lethargy. Intolerance of fats. Unrefreshing sleep: Waking towards the morning, especially around 4:00 AM or excessive sleepiness. Morning headaches, especially in the right forehead. Anxiety and emotional insecurity, anger and frustration. Aversion to aggression or inability to face conflict. Irritability, dullness, sluggishness in the morning.

These could all be symptoms of a sluggish or diseased liver!

Using herbal tinctures in conjunction with a proper homeopathic remedy, we can cleanse, balance and restore the liver to its optimum health. Every formula and Homeopathic remedy is customized for an individual's needs. These formulas are all safe and have been used from ancient times for hepatic health and restoration.

Carduus Marianus , commonly known as Milk Thistle, is a common homeopathic remedy for liver ailments.

Carduus Marianus, commonly known as Milk Thistle, is a common homeopathic remedy for liver ailments.